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How to use club-like in a sentence. Club-like pronunciation.

The mate flung up a club-like head and threw back his blocky shoulders.
At the street crossings English sentries stood mechanically directing the absent traffic with gestures familiar to Piccadilly; and the signs of the British Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance hung on club-like facades that might almost have claimed a home in Pall Mall.
Frank felt softly about, and his hands fell on a club-like maul which fishermen use for stunning the large fish they catch.
Partially disrobed, as she had sprung up from before her mirror, she was holding the luckless Dearwyn with one hand while with the other she administered pitiless punishment from a long club-like candle which she had snatched from its holder.

Examples of Club-like

Example #1
Leonard silently offered a paper he had received from the British Towing and Shipping Company.
Example #2
W'ot do they know about men, settin' hup there with their legs cocked hup?
Example #3
The Englishness of things was emphasized, as we passed out through the suburbs, by the look of the crowd on the canal bridges and along the roads.
Example #4
This was St. Omer, grey, spacious, coldly clean in its Sunday emptiness.
Example #5
There was nothing else near in the shape of a weapon.
Example #6
Together they dropped to the deck, and crouched low, with the water running in rivulets from their clothing.