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Again and again she was brought down into the drawing-room to receive the blessing of some awful distinguished old man, who sat, even to her childish eye, somewhat apart, all gathered together and clutching a stick, unlike an ordinary visitor in her father's own arm-chair, and her father himself was there, unlike himself, too, a little excited and very polite.
She stood irresolute, clutching the heavy shawl which Sophy had wrapped round her, and feeling half inclined to cry.
Berthe Louison's face was corpse-like in its pallor, as she lay there upon a divan, her fingers still clutching the photograph.
Ram Lal crept into his hidden love nest, his skinny hand clutching the golden shaft of Mirzah Shah's dagger.
But most of all pleased was Ram Lal Singh, clutching in his dreams at the dagger of Mirzah Shah, lying there by his bedside.
But now the tree became jammed between two other rocks, and there it stuck, with Sam clutching one end and the water rushing in, a torrent over the other.
Well?" Albert was clutching at straws.
I get are impertinent clutchings of me by the button, concerning which the one business is, How to get handsomely loose again; What to say that shall soonest _end_ the intrusion,-if saying Nothing will not be the best way.
Then I thrust the well-filled napkin into her clutching fingers and hasted away, but her raptured cry followed me as I went.
Now looking on this clutching hand, Trueman blinked and, saying no word, whipped his horses and the heavy wain rumbled and creaked on its way.
While I spake thus, my voice hoarse with passion, my fingers clutching his arm, Penfeather stood pinching his chin and watching me beneath his black brows; when I had ended he turned and falls a-pacing to and fro across the room as it had been the narrow poop of a ship.
For a few minutes it was as though something was clutching at the boy's throat, making his breath come hot and fast; and he glanced back to see where the gunboat was, but looked in vain, for a side of the valley rose like a towering wall between, and on glancing in the other direction there was another stupendous wall running up to mountain height, and all of gorgeous greens.
Here we found Anne, very white and shaky, with the pantry table and two chairs piled against the door of the kitchen slide, and clutching the chamois-skin bag that held her jewels.
The hot blood was freezing on his hands, and the scene yet bright in his eyes,-the man, clutching the table and sinking slowly to the floor; the rolling counters and the scattered deck; the swift shiver throughout the room, and the pause; the game-keepers no longer calling, and the clatter of the chips dying away; the startled faces; the infinite instant of silence; and then the great blood-roar and the tide of vengeance which lapped his heels and turned the town mad behind him.
Outstretched upon the stable floor lay Blake, ghastly white-dead-one hand clutching a gun and the other twisted in his bloody blouse.
Her hands were clutching strands of gold cord and her hair was pillowed in pink tissue paper.
But his pallor increased; he sat upon the edge of the couch, clutching it nervously as if it had begun to move under him.
Her eyes brightened, and, rising swiftly, she flung herself down beside him upon the sofa, where he still sat clutching it as if it were a bucking horse.
They found it in little Bertel clutching tearfully to the royal person of Charles the Twelfth, twelve feet above the ground.
He seemed not to know that cutlasses were threatening him, not to be aware that the man at his feet, clutching his weapon, was mad with rage.

Examples of Clutching

Example #1
These formidable old creatures used to take her in their arms, look very keenly in her eyes, and then to bless her, and tell her that she must mind and be a good girl, or detect a look in her face something like Richard's as a small boy.
Example #2
The candles in the church, the singing and the booming of the organ, were all, she thought, in his honor.
Example #3
There was only one thing to do now, and that was to go down the dark lane all by herself.
Example #4
But to her dismay she found the green-room dark and silent; they had all gone out by the other door without coming through the school-room, and Nan was alone.
Example #5
But a smile of secret triumph was on his face as he quickly bore the helpless form to an anteroom at once opened by the frightened ushers.
Example #6
Alan Hawke's strong arms were clasped round her, as she leaned back helplessly in her fauteuil.