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Definition of Co-respondent

  • One who is called upon to answer a summons or other proceeding jointly with another.
  • the codefendant charged with adultery with the estranged spouse in a divorce proceeding

How to use co-respondent in a sentence. Co-respondent pronunciation.

Anybody might be named as a co-respondent in a divorce case.
Cousin co-respondent. Damages given to the blind'-so, they had got that in!
His own divorce had been bad enough, without his nephew's marriage to the daughter of the co-respondent; a half-sister too of June, and of that boy whom Fleur had just been looking at from under the pump-handle.
And Colonel Rudolph Musgrave had very narrowly escaped being named as the co-respondent.
Adultery would be settled by flogging respondent and co-respondent, with a judicial separation after the punishment.
To demonstrate that he was dead in earnest he produced a formally drawn complaint in which the wildly astonished and indignant merchant figured as co-respondent.

Examples of Co-respondent

Example #1
Not when you are the local feature of a notorious Chicago scandal.
Example #2
Isn't it enough that I have broken his heart and brought disgrace upon him in his old age- SHE.
Example #3
They would want some statuary about!
Example #4
He had assumed his fur coat, to guard against the draughts of the unfinished house.
Example #5
How on earth a fellow could make such an ass of himself Soames could not conceive; but he had done so, and all the rancour and hidden jealousy that had been burning against him for so long was now focussed in rage at this crowning piece of extravagance.
Example #6
Over this last expenditure, however, Bosinney had put himself completely in the wrong.