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It is indeed certain that the Carthaginians frequented the Cornish coast-as the Phoenicians had done before them-for the purpose of procuring tin; and there is every reason to believe that they sailed as far as the coasts of the Baltic for amber.
There were occasional parties given by the planters along the "coast"-as the bottom lands on the Red River were called.
Besides all these priceless treasures, there was an old boat lying afloat in a small lagoon back of the house, one of those seepage pools common to the coast-a boat which Fogarty had patched with a bit of sail-cloth, and for which he had made two pairs of oars, one for each of the "crew," as he called the lads, and which Archie learned to handle with such dexterity that the old fisherman declared he would make a first-class boatman when he grew up, and would "shame the whole bunch of 'em.
Admiral Brueys represented the difficulties and dangers of a disembarkation-the violence of the surge, the distance from the coast,-a coast, too, lined with reefs of rocks, the approaching night, and our perfect ignorance of the points suitable for landing.

Examples of Coast-a

Example #1
When it is remembered that the mariner's compass was unknown in those ages, the boldness and skill of the seamen of Carthage, and the enterprise of her merchants, may be paralleled with any achievements that the history of modern navigation and commerce can produce.
Example #2
Our own islands are mentioned by Himilco as the lands of the Hiberni and Albioni.
Example #3
All were to clear off the parapets and the _abatis_ in their front so as to leave the space as open as possible, and be able to charge the moment the mine had been sprung and Burnside had taken possession.
Example #4
Warren was to hold his line of intrenchments with a sufficient number of men and concentrate the balance on the right next to Burnside's corps, while Ord, now commanding the 18th corps, temporarily under Meade, was to form in the rear of Burnside to support him when he went in.
Example #5
Here were twisted iron rods, fish-baskets, broken lobster-pots, rotting seines and tangled, useless nets-some used as coverings for coops of restless chickens-old worn-out rope, tangled rigging-everything that a fisherman who had spent his life on Barnegat beach could pull from the surf or find stranded on the sand.
Example #6
Here were rusty chains and wooden figure-heads of broken-nosed, blind maidens and tailless dolphins.