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How to use çoholnì¢a in a sentence. çoholnì¢a pronunciation.

Kaç ni‘ inzàç inçì çoholnì¢a òna, 4.
Kaç ni‘ inzàç inçì, çoholnì¢a òna, 8.
Ni‘, earth, land; inzàç, distant; inçì, it lies, it stretches; çoholnì¢a, seems not to be; çoniò¢a, not obscure or dim like a faint distance.

Examples of çoholnì¢a

Example #1
Dsil çolíji bakàgi natcagàhi, 7.
Example #2
Example #3
Kaç ni‘ inzàç inçì, çoniò¢a òna. 237.
Example #4
Kaç, now; dsil ¢ilhyíl, black mountain; bakàgi, on top of. 3, 4, 7, 8.
Example #5
Dsil çolíji bakàgi, on top of the blue mountains.