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How to use cold-chisel in a sentence. Cold-chisel pronunciation.

As soon as he was on land, he dressed, and then went for a lantern, a hammer, and a cold-chisel, which he had left at a convenient spot.
He was so glad to see us he most cried; and called us honey, and all the pet names he could think of; and was for having us hunt up a cold-chisel to cut the chain off of his leg with right away, and clearing out without losing any time.
And in the meantime-" Through triple thicknesses of sacking, he struck a cold-chisel on the face of a rock. "Beautiful, beautiful," Shorty moaned with delight.

Examples of Cold-chisel

Example #1
Without lighting the lantern, he proceeded as rapidly as possible to the caves.
Example #2
First swimming, and then wading, he reached the shore.
Example #3
But Tom he showed him how unregular it would be, and set down and told him all about our plans, and how we could alter them in a minute any time there was an alarm; and not to be the least afraid, because we would see he got away, SURE.
Example #4
We crept in under Jim's bed and into the cabin, and pawed around and found the candle and lit it, and stood over Jim awhile, and found him looking hearty and healthy, and then we woke him up gentle and gradual.
Example #5
He crept over noiselessly from the peep-hole.
Example #6
Smoke glowed his cigarette, and glanced at his watch.