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How to use çolíj in a sentence. çolíj pronunciation.

Dsil, mountain; ¢ilhyíl, black; çolíj, blue; biyàgi, at the foot of, at the base of. 4, 8.
Dsil, mountain; çilhyíl, black; çolíj, blue.
Tcoyaj, a spruce sapling, diminutive of tco, spruce; ¢ilhyíl, black; çolíj, blue.

Examples of çolíj

Example #1
Biyàji, his child; naïlè, he lays down, he leaves.
Example #2
Kaç, now; Tsilkè-¢igìni, Holy Young Man; Tcikè-¢igìni, Holy Young Woman. 3, 7.
Example #3
Tsintsò, a notched stick used in ceremonies to make music; inlo (inla‘), they lie there (two long hard things lie).
Example #4
Ci cigèlgo yainà, Qala éla qainàhe oöhè. 228.
Example #5
Tsí¢a alìli (usually tsí¢a bialìli), truly a dance implement.
Example #6
Dsilyi‘ Neyáni, Reared Within the Mountains, the prophet who instituted these ceremonies; cayolèli, he carries [something long and flexible, as a branch or sapling] for me.