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Coming, Usually Called The “Second Coming,” And Christ The Judge Of The World.
Hence the phrase “second coming” has been introduced, and naturalized in theology.
My Lord delayeth his coming,” never understand the signs of the times, nor recognize any new influx of divine light in the world.

Examples of Coming

Example #1
Throw that idea into the future and you deprive it of all its reality, of all its power.
Example #2
He cannot connect that death with time; he must say that Christ has brought him out of the bonds of _eternal_ death.
Example #3
What the disciples expected was his manifestation or investiture as the Messiah, which evidently had not taken place at the time of their conversation.
Example #4
It assumes that the manifestation of Jesus in the flesh was his first coming as the Christ, and that consequently the predictions (in Matt.
Example #5
At each new coming of Christ those who have been faithful are rewarded by more light.
Example #6
If the coming of Christ be thus unexpected, he will not be recognized by the sleeping servant, nor by those who beat their fellow-servants.