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How to use conditum in a sentence. Conditum pronunciation.

X. Eutropi Breviarium ab Urbe Condita: recognovit Franciscus Ruehl.
By this time I am afraid the reader begins to suspect that he was crazy: and certainly, when I consider every thing, he must have been crazy when the wind was at NNE; for who but Walking Stewart ever dated his books by a computation drawn-not from the creation, not from the flood, not from Nabonassar, or _ab urbe condita_, not from the Hegira-but from themselves, from their own day of publication, as constituting the one great era in the history of man by the side of which all other eras were frivolous and impertinent?
Et latet et lucet, Phaetontide condita gutta Ut videatur apis nectare clausa suo.

Examples of Conditum

Example #1
Editio altera curam agente Francisco Buecheler.
Example #2
A. Persii Flacci, D. Iunii Iuvenalis, Sulpiciae Saturae; recognovit Otto Iahn.
Example #3
But here he was surely accusing himself without ground: for to my knowledge he has not failed in any one of his numerous works to insist upon this theme at least a billion of times.
Example #4
Another slight indication of craziness appeared in a notion which obstinately haunted his mind that all the kings and rulers of the earth would confederate in every age against his works, and would hunt them out for extermination as keenly as Herod did the innocents in Bethlehem.
Example #5
Funeribus facta est jam preciosa suis.
Example #6
So she, who in her life time was contemn'd, Ev'n in her very funerals is gemm'd.