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How to use confusd in a sentence. Confusd pronunciation.

For even that too borrows from the store Of her rich neighbour, since now wisest know (And this to Galileo's judgement ow), The palsie earth it self is every jot As frail, inconstant, waveing, as that blot We lay upon the deep, that sometimes lies Chang'd, you would think, with 's botoms properties; But this eternal, strange Ixion's wheel Of giddy earth ne'er whirling leaves to reel, Till all things are inverted, till they are Turn'd to that antick confus'd state they were.
I spake; and on me straight Beatrice look'd with eyes that shot forth sparks Of love celestial in such copious stream, That, virtue sinking in me overpower'd, I turn'd, and downward bent confus'd my sight.
Upon the hempen tackle ship-boys climbing; Hear the shrill whistle which doth order give To sounds confus'd; behold the threaden sails, Borne with th' invisible and creeping wind, Draw the huge bottoms through the furrowed sea, Breasting the lofty surge.

Examples of Confusd

Example #1
Frank, to undo thy self why art at cost?
Example #2
Yet settle here your rest, and take your state, And in calm halcyon's nest ev'n build your fate; Prethee lye down securely, Frank, and keep With as much no noyse the inconstant deep As its inhabitants; nay, stedfast stand, As if discover'd were a New-found-land, Fit for plantation here.
Example #3
This invites, This doth assure me, lady, rev'rently To ask thee of other truth, that yet Is dark to me.
Example #4
On to the summit prompts us.
Example #5
O, do but think You stand upon the rivage and behold A city on th' inconstant billows dancing; For so appears this fleet majestical, Holding due course to Harfleur.
Example #6
Suppose that you have seen The well-appointed King at Hampton pier Embark his royalty; and his brave fleet With silken streamers the young Phorbus fanning.