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Definition of Confuter

  • One who confutes or disproves.
  • a debater who refutes or disproves by offering contrary evidence or argument

How to use confuter in a sentence. Confuter pronunciation.

But now a new confuter had risen to balk him.
THE youthful confuter of Locke was despatched to Merton School, and ranked, according to his merits, as lag of the penultimate form.

Examples of Confuter

Example #1
Was he fighting with dragon's spawn?
Example #2
Free for a longer space, free this time finally for ever; and he married, and marriage set the seal on his security, and the heir was born, and the nebuly coat was safe.
Example #3
I can conceive the artist's, the poet's escape from this world, when all therein is death and winter, into the world he creates and colours at his will with the hues of summer.
Example #4
When he came home for the Christmas holidays he was more saturnine than ever; in fact, his countenance bore the impression of some absorbing grief.