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How to use consarned in a sentence. Consarned pronunciation.

He was mighty kind and consarned about it, and he even allowed I'd better slip off to you this very night.
But, as I'd undertakken the thing, I was determined to go through with it to th' best o' my ability; an' I have confidence now that we shall be able to feight through th' bad time wi' summat like satisfaction, so far as this job's consarned, though it's next to impossible to please everybody, do what one will.
Both belong to every man, woman and child possessed of a pure dhrop of Irish blood in their veins; for all have suffered alike, as far as that is consarned.
He wasn't JEALOUS of that consarned Percy?
What a consarned fool I was to throw away all my pile.
That's allers the way; there'll be one pesky, crooked, contrary, consarn'ed log that can't go anywheres without gittin' into difficulties.
And now, friend Peregrine, I'm consarned to know what's become of all your money-" "He buys me with it," answered Diana.
There's only one way o' forcin' a quarrel on me where Queen Victoria's consarned, and that is by speakin' ill of her.

Examples of Consarned

Example #1
He only saw you onc't.
Example #2
Ye'll have to get to know him Sade.
Example #3
But come wi' me down this road.
Example #4
I was laid up for nearly a week, an' I had to have two doctors.
Example #5
And, now, all that has to be done on the head of it, is jist to wait the nick of time that we are all expectin, and then, with one well directed and united blow, dash the tyrant to the ground on this side of the Atlantic, and thrust to Providence, the sympathy of the great American people and our own sthrong arms and hearts for the rest.
Example #6
The quarrel is not yours nor mine, nor the grievances naither.