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Definition of Consideration

  • The act or process of considering; continuous careful thought; examination; contemplation; deliberation; attention.
  • Attentive respect; appreciative regard; -- used especially in diplomatic or stately correspondence.
  • Thoughtful or sympathetic regard or notice.
  • Claim to notice or regard; some degree of importance or consequence.
  • The result of delibration, or of attention and examonation; matured opinion; a reflection; as, considerations on the choice of a profession.
  • That which is, or should be, taken into account as a ground of opinion or action; motive; reason.
  • The cause which moves a contracting party to enter into an agreement; the material cause of a contract; the price of a stripulation; compensation; equivalent.
  • a considerate and thoughtful act
  • kind and considerate regard for others
  • the process of giving careful thought to something
  • information that should be kept in mind when making a decision
  • a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting)
  • a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone

How to use consideration in a sentence. Consideration pronunciation.

Coming, he was received with careless consideration by the Prince.
Terms not so much a consideration as comfort and pleasant society.
Here is Mrs. Powell writing to me from Birmingham, and she says she has heard that you have taken in the daughter of some wealthy _parvenu_, for a consideration, to train her in the ways of decent society!
It was much wiser to urge this consideration than to make a direct plea for mercy.
The only officer in this story who treats his men with any consideration is a libertine, who seduces the peasants' daughters in the neighbourhood, and sends them back to their parents with cash payments for their services.
There is a danger to be carefully guarded against in the reading of this book and in the consideration of the precious truth.
But he started up, put more coal on the fire, and brought a drink of water, first to his sister, then his father; without any bidding, and with the consideration of a grown person.
After some consideration as to whether it was his duty to give as much as the ten dollars, which first presented itself to his mind as the proper sum to bestow, he concluded to follow his convictions, and thus assist one who was more needy than himself, and trust in the Lord to provide the coat.
Having no money in his possession, he was perplexed how to proceed to raise the required amount; but meeting a person in whose spiritual welfare he was concerned, he forgot all about such sublunary considerations as money and flour, and went heart and soul into the Lord's work before him.
I was witness at Wagram of an act which furnished a fine illustration of the Emperor's kindness of heart and consideration for others, of which I have already given several instances; for, although in the one I shall now relate, he was forced to refuse an act of clemency, his very refusal challenges admiration as an exhibition of the generosity and greatness of his soul.
But it was by most gentle means, and with every mark of tender consideration, that he strove to bring the Empress to this painful sacrifice.
Next day a magnificent fete was held at the Hotel de Ville, where the Empress displayed her accustomed grace and kind consideration.
The Empress Josephine had long been jealous of the beautiful Madame Gazani, one of her readers, and treated her coldly; and when she complained to the Emperor, he spoke to Josephine on the subject, and requested her to show more consideration for her reader, who deserved it on account of her attachment to the person of the Empress, and added that she was wrong in supposing that there was between Madame Gazani and himself the least liaison.
I can cite, among many others in my knowledge, a little anecdote which touched me exceedingly, and which I take much pleasure in relating, since, while it triumphantly answers the calumnies of which I have spoken, it also proves the special consideration with which his Majesty honored me, and consequently, both as a father and a faithful servant, I experience a mild satisfaction in placing it in these Memoirs.
I must admit that she was somewhat haughty; but this haughtiness was tempered by such elegant politeness, and such gracious consideration, that it might be considered simple dignity.
Mrs. Tarrant's death freed them from all sordid considerations.
The chance that any one would discover her habit of visiting a certain house at the distance of several miles from Camberwell, was too slight for consideration.
His indolence had no small part in his revolt against the stress of such a consideration.
Tarrant seemed to give the point his impartial consideration.
Simply that Mr Harris has assumed that he was dealing with a man, whilst the others have assumed that they were writing about a god, and have therefore rejected every consideration of fact, tradition, or interpretation, that pointed to any human imperfection in their hero.

Examples of Consideration

Example #1
Behind his long, harsh face and sullen eyes a devil was raging, because of all his plans that had gone awry, and because the man he had sought to kill still served the Effendina, putting a blight upon Egypt.
Example #2
For the first time since the day of his banishment Achmet the Ropemaker was invited to Kaid's Palace.
Example #3
She read it again and again.
Example #4
Clarence, good fellow, might be sincere in his wish for her to have companionship; at the same time, this advertisement had probably appealed to him in another way.
Example #5
Just the kind of thing Mrs. Powell would delight in talking about-she is so very malicious.
Example #6
And what ridiculous forms it takes!