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How to use controll in a sentence. Controll pronunciation.

I must obey, his Art is of such pow'r, It would controll my Dams god Setebos, And make a vassaile of him Pro.
This our decree shall stand Without controll; And we for you will pray, Because the Scriptures say, When some men curse you, they Curse their own soul.
Your Grace shall pardon me, I will not backe: I am too high-borne to be proportied To be a secondary at controll, Or vsefull seruing-man, and Instrument To any Soueraigne State throughout the world.

Examples of Controll

Example #1
So slaue, hence. Exit Cal. Enter Ferdinand & Ariel, inuisible playing & singing.
Example #2
Come vnto these yellow sands, and then take hands: Curtsied when you haue, and kist the wilde waues whist: Foote it featly heere, and there, and sweete Sprights beare the burthen.
Example #3
A New Ballad To An Old Tune, - Tom Of Bedlam January 17th, 1659.
Example #4
But we the godly? Truth, then, sirs, which of old Was my shame, was my shame, Shall now to yours be told: You caused his death; The house being broken by Yourselves (there's burglary), Wrath enter'd forcibly, And stopt his breath.
Example #5
The next is this: King Iohn hath reconcil'd Himselfe to Rome, his spirit is come in, That so stood out against the holy Church, The great Metropolis and Sea of Rome: Therefore thy threatning Colours now winde vp, And tame the sauage spirit of wilde warre, That like a Lion fostered vp at hand, It may lie gently at the foot of peace, And be no further harmefull then in shewe Dol.
Example #6
And euen there, methinkes an Angell spake, Looke where the holy Legate comes apace, To giue vs warrant from the hand of heauen, And on our actions set the name of right With holy breath Pand.