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How to use controlorgang in a sentence. Controlorgang pronunciation.

Finally the petitioners remembered the "Controlorgang," and thither they repaired early in the morning.
As soon as Gunther opened the door, they rushed into the small room which was called the Controlorgang, and there, with beating hearts, awaited the entrance of the all-powerful emperor.
Contrary to his daily habits, the Controlorgang was closed, and his secretaries had been ordered to remain in the chancery, and do their writing there.

Examples of Controlorgang

Example #1
Ladies, as well as lords, came on foot, that the emperor might not be warned by the sound of their rolling equipages to deny himself again.
Example #2
Since the council had pronounced judgment on the criminals, Joseph had granted audience to no one; he had avoided all proximity to the nobles, and to secure himself from importunity, had ceased to ride in the park, contenting himself with a daily drive in his cabriolet.
Example #3
He came, and when he saw who were the petitioners of the day, his countenance expressed astonishment: but he did not depart from his usual habit, and walked slowly down the middle of the room, extending his hand to receive the petitions.
Example #4
On that occasion, then, they were among their peers, and the canaille would never know how count and countess, baron and baroness, had humbled themselves for the sake of their caste.
Example #5
The emperor had been weeping; and he wished his anguish to be hidden from any eye save that of God.
Example #6
The emperor paced his cabinet in unusual agitation.