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The following specimens may be given of the liveliness of mind which imparted an agreeable flavour both to her correspondence and her conversation:- ON READING IN THE NEWSPAPERS THE MARRIAGE OF MR.
Also, I have arranged and will submit to you a little plan of conversation-" A ring at the front door interrupted M. Verduret.
He stood still and listened attentively, and caught the following conversation:- "The boy tells me," said Martin, doggedly, "that there was four hundred dollars in the box.

Examples of Conversation

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The laugh which she occasionally raised was by imagining for her neighbours, as she was equally ready to imagine for her friends or herself, impossible contingencies, or by relating in prose or verse some trifling anecdote coloured to her own fancy, or in writing a fictitious history of what they were supposed to have said or done, which could deceive nobody.
Example #3
Only I must see this young man.
Example #4
Where can I hide so as to hear and see?
Example #5
You only gave me fifty.
Example #6
He comprehended at once that Smith and Martin were having a dispute about something.