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Among all the party, Sir Edward and Lady Kenton were those with whom he was most nearly at ease, for they had nothing to revoke in their manners towards him, and could, without any change, treat him as an equal whom they respected; nor did they try to force him forward into general conversation-as did his host-with the best intentions.
We soon got into conversation;-a few pieces of sugar given to the child and mother by Mrs. Baker was a sweet commencement; and Ibrahim then told me to beware of my own men, as he knew they did not intend to remain with me; that they were a different tribe from his men, and they would join Chenooda's people and desert me on our arrival at their station in Latooka.
Peter could hear Mr. Spence talk, for a part of that gentleman's conversation-a characteristic part-was faithfully transcribed.

Examples of Conversation-a

Example #1
Indeed, she was of all others the person who most shrivelled up the man whom she had always treated like a poor dependent, till her politeness became still more embarrassing.
Example #2
At his age he cannot afford romance,' she added with a laugh, being in fact rather inferior to her husband in tone, or perhaps in manners.
Example #3
This was a corroboration of all I had heard previous to leaving Gondokoro, therefore I had the promised mutiny in perspective.
Example #4
Ibrahim, my new ally, was now riding in front of the line, carrying on his saddle before him a pretty little girl, his daughter, a child of a year and a half old; her mother, a remarkably pretty Bari girl, one of his numerous wives, was riding behind him on an ox.
Example #5
And Peter detected a strain of admiration running even through the ridicule.
Example #6
Literature was invented before phonographs, and will endure after them.