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I found him modest almost to shyness, and in his conversation-he spoke English-never loud or doctrinaire.
From his conversation-he spoke in a soft, deep-toned voice-there emerged the vague rumour of the London streets by night.
He saw also the look which Ruth threw toward Mrs. Morris, where that lady and Godfrey moved slowly in conversation,-he ever so sedate, she ever so sprightly.
Not, however, that he bore a fair share in the conversation-he rather promoted the hilarity of his new acquaintances than led it.

Examples of Conversation-he

Example #1
At the Walter Scott centennial he was present,-the greatest man at the celebration,-but did not make himself known.
Example #2
Innumerable anecdotes are told illustrating the beauty of his character; the most recent to appear in print is from the late Mr. Conway, who said that Turgenev was "a grand man in every way, physically and mentally, intelligence and refinement in every feature. . .
Example #3
It was the family joke that she would be as fat as an aunt of Mrs. Athelny, called Aunt Elizabeth, whom the children had never seen but regarded as the type of obscene corpulence.
Example #4
Sally came in to lay the table, and Philip began to chaff her.
Example #5
And he saw Isabel glance as anxiously in the same direction.
Example #6
But the uneasy Arthur saw his moving lips and both changes of countenance.