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In the Conyger Wood-The Home of the Kingfisher-A Limestone Quarry-The Great Stone Floor of the Earth-Nature's Endless Cycle-Beauty of the Ash-Hedgehogs-Trout and Snake-Sunset on the Hills. CHAPTER XVII.
When conversing with me on the subject of preserving foxes, old Mr. Peregrine would wax quite enthusiastic "You should put a barley rick in the Conygers, and thatch it, and there would always be a fox.
From the tops of the firs comes the sound of pigeons winging their way from the "grove" to the "conygers" (the latter word means the "place of rabbits"; there are lots of woods so called in Gloucestershire).
It is in the conyger wood.

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The "Blowing-Stone"-Christmas Day on the Cotswolds-A Solar Halo-Hamlet Festivities-Tom Peregrine Baffled-The Mummers Play-The Victorian Era-The True Days of "Merrie England"-_Carpe Diem_. CHAPTER XVIII.
Example #2
A Fine Type of Englishman-Lines in Memory of W.D. Llewelyn.
Example #3
All honour to those who neither hunt nor care for hunting, yet who put up with a large amount of damage to crops and fences, as well as loss of poultry and ground game, and yet preserve the foxes for a sport in which they do not themselves take part.
Example #4
I scarcely ever heard a word of complaint from them.
Example #5
It is a curious piping sound that wood-pigeons make, and, not seeing the birds, you might think it came from the throat instead of the wings.
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So much is entrusted to these little farm lads of scarce fifteen years of age it is a wonder they do the work so well.