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How to use cooped-up in a sentence. Cooped-up pronunciation.

It was a change of scene from their cooped-up quarters on board the felucca; but after they had had a toilsome march, uphill all the way, through mountainous defiles and along the roughest of paths, they wished themselves back again in their floating prison.
I believe he would be quite content to live in this little cooped-up place forever and see no one but the servants, to whom he seldom speaks.
Well, we sailed and we sailed, but it was poor sailing for me, and every hour I longed to make a monster jump, clear the railing, and splash into the splendid bed beneath the cooped-up tank.

Examples of Cooped-up

Example #1
Arrived at a cross-turning surrounded by a thicket of stunted shrubs, the leader of the guard that accompanied them cried a halt, uttering a shrill and prolonged whistle, which was presently repeated from the hills above.
Example #2
And, with these words, the corsair took leave of the captives, who, after being gagged again, and having their hands all tied behind them- including Tompkins this time, much to the boys' satisfaction-were put into the boat that lay alongside, and rowed ashore, under a strong guard, with the Greek Polydori at their head.
Example #3
Also, he ignores me, and I am glad he does.
Example #4
But the girl replied very seriously: "My father dislikes society.
Example #5
But Folks know how to make things strong and secure, and once or twice, when I tried leaping, it was only to bang my sides against the edges of the tank, and spatter the deck far and wide, making extra work for the sailors.
Example #6
Really, Folks ought to be very thankful for all they know!