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How to use copper-gilt in a sentence. Copper-gilt pronunciation.

A paltry clock, between two copper-gilt candlesticks, decorated the mantel-shelf.
A doorway, closed with light curtains, opened on to a long balcony with a finely-worked balustrade of copper-gilt, to which clung a climbing rose with pink flowers.
The mantelpiece of common marble was adorned by a mirror, two candelabra in copper-gilt, and a vulgar alabaster cup in which two pigeons, forming handles, were drinking.

Examples of Copper-gilt

Example #1
Armchairs, with their woodwork painted white, were covered with tapestry.
Example #2
The plastered ceiling, divided in two parts by a heavy beam which started from the fireplace, seemed a concession tardily made to luxury.
Example #3
When Nefert entered the room, Bent-Anat was just having the rustling curtain drawn aside by her waiting-women; for the sun was setting, and at that hour she loved to sit on the balcony, as it grew cooler, and watch with devout meditation the departure of Ra, who, as the grey-haired Turn, vanished behind the western horizon of the Necropolis in the evening to bestow the blessing of light on the under-world. Nefert's apartment was far more elegantly appointed than the princess's; her mother and Mena had surrounded her with a thousand pretty trifles.
Example #4
The large room, in which Nefert found the princess, commanded the river.
Example #5
There was no carpet except for a strip at the bedside.
Example #6
The tiled floor, stained red and polished, was icy to the feet.