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Definition of Coriander

  • An umbelliferous plant, the Coriandrum sativum, the fruit or seeds of which have a strong smell and a spicy taste, and in medicine are considered as stomachic and carminative.
  • parsley-like herb used as seasoning or garnish
  • dried coriander seeds used whole or ground
  • Old World herb with aromatic leaves and seed resembling parsley

How to use coriander in a sentence. Coriander pronunciation.

In another room below, I saw a young brogue taking a young slipper for better for worse; which, they told us, was neither for the sake of her piety, parts, or person, but for the fourth comprehensive p, portion; the spankers, spur-royals, rose-nobles, and other coriander seed with which she was quilted all over.
That exception was the Lady Coriander, who, there being no vacancy above a marquis and a rental of 1,000,000 pounds, waited.
After a prolonged silence Lothaw abruptly and gravely said:- "If you please, ma'am, when I come into my property I should like to build some improved dwellings for the poor, and marry Lady Coriander.
He had heard from Lady Coriander of a certain Popish plot; but could he connect Mr. Camperdown with it?
Lothaw went and presently returned with the blushing Coriander upon his arm.
Mamma, I've just dropped a pearl," said the Lady Coriander, bending over the Persian hearth-rug.
That night, Best Beloved, they ate wild sheep roasted on the hot stones, and flavoured with wild garlic and wild pepper; and wild duck stuffed with wild rice and wild fenugreek and wild coriander; and marrow-bones of wild oxen; and wild cherries, and wild grenadillas.

Examples of Coriander

Example #1
For the cornets, guidons, and ensign-bearers had laid down their standards, banners, and colours by the wall sides: the drummers had knocked out the heads of their drums on one end to fill them with grapes: the trumpeters were loaded with great bundles of bunches and huge knots of clusters: in sum, everyone of them was out of array, and all in disorder.
Example #2
Thus went he out in a fair long-skirted jacket, putting his frock scarfwise athwart his breast, and in this equipage, with his staff, shaft or truncheon of the cross, laid on so lustily, brisk, and fiercely upon his enemies, who, without any order, or ensign, or trumpet, or drum, were busied in gathering the grapes of the vineyard.
Example #3
Gathered around the refined and sacred circle of their breakfast-table, with their glittering coronets, which, in filial respect to their father's Tory instincts and their mother's Ritualistic tastes, they always wore on their regal brows, the effect was dazzling as it was refined.
Example #4
The daughters, with one exception, were all married to the highest nobles in the land.
Example #5
Lady Montairy Quite contrairy, How do your Cochins grow?" sang Lothaw gayly.
Example #6
CHAPTER III Mr. Putney Giles's was Lothaw's first grand dinner-party.