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Say (see Figure 149), and Venus tridacnoides, abundant in these same formations, but also some shells which, like Fulgur carica of Say and F. canaliculatus (see Figure 148), Calyptraea costata, Venus mercenaria, Lam.
Melania costata, Sowerby, Melanopsis, etc.
Gryphaea costata, Pecten quinque-costatus, Belemnitella mucronata.

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Example #1
Prestwich, Mr., on age of Sables inferieurs.
Example #2
Of ten species of corals which I procured on the banks of the James River, one agrees generically with a coral now living on the coast of the United States.
Example #3
The bottom bed is carbonaceous, and called the "Black band," in which Rissoa Chastelii (Figure 162), before alluded to, is common.
Example #4
This bed contains a mixture of Hempstead shells with those of the underlying Upper Eocene or Bembridge series.
Example #5
As some of these have the greatest vertical range in Europe, they might be expected more than any others to recur in distant parts of the globe.
Example #6
The strata consist chiefly of green sand and green marl, with an overlying coralline limestone of a pale yellow colour, and the fossils, on the whole, agree most nearly with those of the Upper European series, from the Maestricht beds to the Gault inclusive.