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Definition of Cottar

  • fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together
  • a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands

How to use cottar in a sentence. Cottar pronunciation.

The mair bairns a cottar body had the better; they would make their awn keep frae the time they were five years auld, and a widow wi' three or four bairns was a wealthy woman in the time of the Treddleses.
Ye have riven the thack off seven cottar houses; look if your ain roof-tree stand the faster.
The best were selected for the use of the principal farmers, the others divided among their shepherds, cottars, dependents, and others of inferior rank who attended.
Ye have riven the roof off seven cottar houses-look if your own roof-tree stand the faster.
Agnes might well have thought it better he should marry the cottar's than the farmer's daughter!
The conduct of Robert Burns, alas, too often disappoints the lover of his Cottar's Saturday Night and other moral pieces.
At night some slept on the floor of the hall and others, cottars and bordars, had there own dwellings nearby.
So in the corner of the byre, among the fragrant hay and fresh-cut clover, Jess Kissock the cottar's lass prophesied out of her wayward soul, baring her intentions to herself as perhaps her sister in boudoir hushed and perfumed might not have done.
I am only a cottar's child.
And what is this I hear," said Mistress Skirving, "that the daft young laird frae the Castle has rin' aff wi' that cottar's lassie, Jess Kissock, an' marriet her at Gretna Green.

Examples of Cottar

Example #1
The cotton mill was such a thing for the country!
Example #2
How should they be mair missed than the Treddleses?
Example #3
Ye may stable your stirks in the shealings at Derncleugh; see that the hare does not couch on the hearthstane at Ellangowan.
Example #4
This day have ye quenched seven smoking hearths; see if the fire in your ain parlour burn the blyther for that.
Example #5
These fish, dried in the turf smoke of their cabins or shealings, formed a savoury addition to the mess of potatoes, mixed with onions, which was the principal part of their winter food.
Example #6
The sportsmen returned loaded with fish, upwards of one hundred salmon having been killed within the range of their sport.