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How to use cotton in a sentence. Cotton pronunciation.

You are not of the cotton- batting school.
The others are Tairo, a very old Japanese doll in the costume of the feudal warriors, Thora from Iceland, Marit the Norwegian bride, Erik and Brita from Sweden, Giuseppe and Marietta from Rome, Heidi and Peter from the Alps, Gisela from Thuringia, Cecilia from Hungary, Annetje from Holland, Lewie Gordon from Edinburgh, Christie Johnstone the Newhaven fishwife, Sambo and Dinah the cotton- pickers.
The cheaper cotton- batting is therefore employed to give them body, and they are faced only upon one side with the absorbent material.

Examples of Cotton

Example #1
You can take and give.
Example #2
I know you don't like to be coddled.
Example #3
Mammy Chloe from Florida, an Indian brave and squaw from British America, Laila from Jerusalem, Lady Geraldine of 1830 and Victoria of 1840.
Example #4
Venice play with, half a dozen Chinese actors, and nine brightly colored Russian peasants in wood.
Example #5
Furthermore, the rolls of absorbent cotton, as purchased, may be separated into three or four layers, one of which is thick enough for the facing.
Example #6
To make the pads entirely of absorbent cotton is very expensive.