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How to use cotton-thread in a sentence. Cotton-thread pronunciation.

And they brought us parrots and cotton-thread in skeins, and javelins and many other things.
White needle embroidery is mostly worked in linen-thread, though cotton-thread has been used a great deal, and is very fit for the purpose.
When they were certain that no harm would be done to them they were reassured, and presently more than sixteen canoes came to the ships with cotton-thread and other trifles.

Examples of Cotton-thread

Example #1
And they bartered them with us for other things, which we gave them, such as little glass beads and little bells.
Example #2
So that they may feel great friendship for us, and because I knew that they were a people who would be better delivered and converted to our Holy Faith by love than by force, I gave to some of them red caps and glass bells which they put round their necks, and many other things of little value, in which they took much pleasure, and they remained so friendly to us that it was wonderful.
Example #3
They have been invariably "fretted" by the moth.
Example #4
The woollen fragments are very few and imperfect.
Example #5
The Indian then swam on shore, and two of the natives took him by the arms and brought him to a house, where they heard what he had to say.
Example #6
He called out from a distance that there was nothing to fear, because the strangers were good people and would do no harm to anyone, nor were they people of the Gran Can, but they had given away their things in many islands where they had been.