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And in the old city I remained two days, passing my time as I best could-inspecting the curiosities of the place, eating and drinking when I felt so disposed, which I frequently did, the digestive organs having assumed a tone to which for many months they had been strangers-enjoying at night balmy sleep in a large bed in a dusky room, at the end of a corridor, in a certain hostelry in which I had taken up my quarters-receiving from the people of the hostelry such civility and condescension as people who travel on foot with bundle and stick, but who nevertheless are perceived to be not altogether destitute of coin, are in the habit of receiving.

Examples of Could-inspecting

Example #1
On the third day, on a fine sunny afternoon, I departed from the city of the spire.
Example #2
Poor dear!-Considerable odds-The better country-English fashion-Landlord-looking person.