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It was their monstrously oppressive taxation, it was the infamous "Orders in Council"-the originators of which deserved impeachment and the scaffold, if ever public men did-that hung a millstone about England's neck.
The Corean text is clearer than the Chinese as to those who composed the Council,-the Arhats and orthodox monks.
Similarly, I believe that I can speak for the Triplanetary Council-the government of three of the planets of our solar system-in saying that there need be no more conflict between our peoples.

Examples of Council-the

Example #1
Once, in her absence, he intimated to MacTurk that "that woman was a dram-drinker.
Example #2
If she had not smoked, if she had not taken gin, it would have been better, he thought; but she did both.
Example #3
The leader among them was a Yasas, or Yasada, or Yedsaputtra, who had been a disciple of Ananda, and must therefore have been a very old man.
Example #4
At the same time all the books and subjects of discipline seem to have undergone a careful revision.
Example #5
I also was compelled by circumstances to do certain things which I now wish could be undone; but as you have said, the past is past.
Example #6
Our two races have much to gain from each other by friendly exchanges of materials and of ideas, while we can expect nothing except mutual extermination, if we elect to continue this warfare.