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His life gave existence to an independent country-his death defined its limits.
It was simply that he wanted to get to his own country-his own, though he had been born in exile; and there was nothing more devout or spiritual or refining about his longing than there is about the wish to return to his native country that any foreigner in a distant land feels.
Comte de Belleisle was very civil; but apologized, in a courtly and kind way, for the hurry he was in; regretting the impossibility of doing the honors to the Comte de Reuss in this Country,-his, Belleisle's, Journey into Germany, which was close at hand, overwhelming him with occupations and engagements at present.

Examples of Country-hi

Example #1
The death of Requesens had offered the first opening through which the watchful Prince could hope to inflict a wound in the vital part of Spanish authority in the Netherlands.
Example #2
Peter Dathenus, the unfrocked monk of Poperingen, shrieked out in his pulpit that the "Prince of Orange cared nothing either for God or for religion.
Example #3
If we had only to say, 'good is the Lord,' then our happiness, as we call it, the satisfaction of our physical needs and of lower cravings, might be the adequate expression of His love.
Example #4
But then 'good _and_ upright'-that combination determines the form which His blessings shall assume, the channel in which by preference they will flow.
Example #5
And indeed, even while he spoke to us," says Geusau, "all manner of Papers were put into his hand.
Example #6
A tall lean man (LANGER HAGERER MANN), without much air of quality," thinks Geusau; but with much swift intellect and energy, and a distinguished character, whatever Geusau might think.