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Definition of Court

  • An inclosed space; a courtyard; an uncovered area shut in by the walls of a building, or by different building; also, a space opening from a street and nearly surrounded by houses; a blind alley.
  • The residence of a sovereign, prince, nobleman, or other dignitary; a palace.
  • The collective body of persons composing the retinue of a sovereign or person high in authority; all the surroundings of a sovereign in his regal state.
  • Any formal assembling of the retinue of a sovereign; as, to hold a court.
  • Attention directed to a person in power; conduct or address designed to gain favor; courtliness of manners; civility; compliment; flattery.
  • The hall, chamber, or place, where justice is administered.
  • The persons officially assembled under authority of law, at the appropriate time and place, for the administration of justice; an official assembly, legally met together for the transaction of judicial business; a judge or judges sitting for the hearing or trial of causes.
  • A tribunal established for the administration of justice.
  • The judge or judges; as distinguished from the counsel or jury, or both.
  • The session of a judicial assembly.
  • Any jurisdiction, civil, military, or ecclesiastical.
  • A place arranged for playing the game of tennis; also, one of the divisions of a tennis court.
  • To endeavor to gain the favor of by attention or flattery; to try to ingratiate one's self with.
  • To endeavor to gain the affections of; to seek in marriage; to woo.
  • To attempt to gain; to solicit; to seek.
  • To invite by attractions; to allure; to attract.
  • To play the lover; to woo; as, to go courting.
  • respectful deference
  • an area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings
  • a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played
  • a room in which a lawcourt sits
  • the residence of a sovereign or nobleman
  • a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws
  • a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area
  • the sovereign and his advisers who are the governing power of a state
  • the family and retinue of a sovereign or prince
  • an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
  • Australian woman tennis player who won many major championships (born in 1947)
  • make amorous advances towards
  • engage in social activities leading to marriage
  • seek someone's favor

How to use court in a sentence. Court pronunciation.

What his object was in summoning David for an hour when all the court and all the official Europeans should be already present, remained to be seen.
He had seen enough to-night to make him sure that Kaid had once more got the idea of making a European his confidant and adviser; to introduce to his court one of those mad Englishmen who cared nothing for gold-only for power; who loved administration for the sake of administration and the foolish joy of labour.
Yet I would buy thee to remain here-here at my court; here by my hand which will give thee the labour thou lovest, and will defend thee if defence be needed.
The courts have been commanded as to his estate, the banks-" "It was too late, Effendina," replied High hopelessly.
Then he went to the courts and to the holy men, and claimed succession.
The courts, the Wakfs shall obey me.
Wakf-Mahommedan Court dealing with succession, etc.
After the Endeavours used by Sir Richard Blackmore, Mr. Collier, and others, to Correct and Reform the _Scandalous Disorders and Abuses of the Stage_ were found too unsuccessful; in the Year _1699_, several of the _Players_ were prosecuted in the Court of _Common-Pleas_, upon the Statute of _3 Jac.
Nothing could disturb the sleep that fettered us, for it had been fairly earned, and if our consciences had any sins on them they had to adjourn court for that night, any way.
There is nothing daunts her so much as the Approach of _Shrove-Tuesday_; for she's more afraid of the Mob, than a Debtor of a Serjeant, Or a Bayliff in an Inns of Court.
The centurion paused, the senator signed to old Jethro to open the gate; a man was heard to spring from his saddle, but it was an Amalekite-and not Polykarp-who came into the court.
She had gone out, clinging to his arm into the peristyle of his father's house; as he walked backward and forwards with poor, weary, abandoned Sirona, his neglected figure seemed by degrees to assume the noble aspect of a high- born Greek; and instead of the rough, rocky soil, he felt as if he were treading the beautiful mosaic pavement of his father's court.
They seem to be just one degree above the roughs who come to blows and get into the police court.
By a curious freak of the powers of this world, it was for a time taboo in the United States, and its passage by post was forbidden; then the matter was taken to the courts, and a certain upright judge declared that so far from the book being vicious, it condemned vice and immorality on every page.
It was in law, and she was summoned to attend court at a certain time.
She now easily found the narrow court, rang the number 5 bell, and climbed to the fifth story.
Months elapsed, and the circumstance forgotten, when Mr. Loest was most unpleasantly reminded by receiving an order from the Court to pay in on the following Tuesday the _six hundred thalers_ for which he had become security, under the penalty of execution.
As he entered the room of the widow, she handed him an order from the court of trustees, under which he was bound to pay up _the five hundred thalers on Thursday_, and, continued the lady, before the poor man had time to utter a word, "I would earnestly entreat you to pay the other three hundred thalers early on Saturday to me, for there are accounts constantly pouring in on me, and the funeral expenses," here her voice faltered.
Wednesday's sales gave him five hundred more thalers, which he was obliged to have ready to pay on Thursday morning into the court of trustees.
The plaintiff went carelessly from the court arm in arm with the wicked associate whom he had bribed to swear falsely on his behalf.

Examples of Court

Example #1
As David entered, Kaid was busy receiving salaams, and returning greeting, but with an eye to the singularly boyish yet gallant figure approaching.
Example #2
Now, with amusement in his eyes, Prince Kaid watched David coming up the great hall.
Example #3
He was now set to see what sort of match this intellect could play, when faced by the inherent contradictions present in all truths or the solutions of all problems.
Example #4
He was sitting beside David, and though he asked the question casually, and with apparent intention only of keeping talk going, there was a lurking inquisition in his eye.
Example #5
Kaid has never besought men, but he beseeches thee.
Example #6
Is not truth cheaper than falsehood?