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Definition of Couvade

  • A custom, among certain barbarous tribes, that when a woman gives birth to a child her husband takes to his bed, as if ill.
  • a custom among some peoples whereby the husband of a pregnant wife is put to bed at the time of bearing the child

How to use couvade in a sentence. Couvade pronunciation.

This authority also mentions that the French call husbands who have well-developed mammae "la couvade;" the Germans call male supernumerary breasts "bauchwarze," or ventral nipples.
Again, though it has been shown that all modern reports of the _Couvade_ as existing in Biscay have been founded only on the ancient assertion of Strabo, it is still remarkable that it is in this part of Europe alone that the custom has ever been found.
The convenient name of _Couvade_, though originally applied to this custom by a mistake, has now become recognised, and it seems best to retain it.

Examples of Couvade

Example #1
Hutchinson describes several cases of gynecomazia, in which the external genital organs decreased in proportion to the size of the breast and the manners became effeminate.
Example #2
Wiltshire said that he knew a gynecomast in the person of a distinguished naturalist who since the age of puberty observed activity in his breasts, accompanied with secretion of milky fluid which lasted for a period of six weeks and occurred every spring.
Example #3
Even the nonsense- name, Torelore, might easily have had its rise in Torello.
Example #4
The shipwreck which in the story takes place, impossibly, at Beaucaire, may have originally happened, quite naturally, at Tarragona.
Example #5
The custom of a husband taking to his bed when his wife has borne a child is a curious superstition well-known to ethnologists and folk-lore students.
Example #6
It is unknown what the game of _Nimpole_ or _Nypollete_ was.