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How to use coyle in a sentence. Coyle pronunciation.

My braue Spirit, Who was so firme, so constant, that this coyle Would not infect his reason?
A great coyle there was to set him forward," says Smith.
Captain Badily was talking to us, one from a trap-door above let fall unawares a coyle of cable, that it was 10,000 to one it had not broke Captain Badily's neck, it came so near him, but did him no hurt.
You Mistris, all this coyle is long of you.
Whilst all her silken flags display, And her triumphant banners play; Where Pallas she ith' midst doth praise, And counterfeits her brothers rayes, Nor will she her dear lar forget, Victorious by his benefit, Whose roof inchanted she doth free From haunting gnat and goblin bee, Who, trapp'd in her prepared toyle, To their destruction keep a coyle.
But he tells me that there was a cruel articling against Pen after one fight, for cowardice, in putting himself within a coyle of cables, of which he had much ado to acquit himself: and by great friends did it, not without remains of guilt, but that his brethren had a mind to pass it by, and Sir H. Vane did advise him to search his heart, and see whether this fault or a greater sin was not the occasion of this so great tryall.
Good my mother peace, I would that I were low laid in my graue, I am not worth this coyle that's made for me Qu.

Examples of Coyle

Example #1
Ioues Lightning, the precursers O'th dreadfull Thunder-claps more momentarie And sight out-running were not; the fire, and cracks Of sulphurous roaring, the most mighty Neptune Seeme to besiege, and make his bold waues tremble, Yea, his dread Trident shake Pro.
Example #2
Was the first man that leapt; cride hell is empty, And all the Diuels are heere Pro.
Example #3
Mr. Scrivener and Captain Smith, and a guard of thirty or forty, accompanied him.
Example #4
In the great joy of the colony at the arrival of the first supply, leave was given to sailors to trade with the Indians, and the new-comers soon so raised prices that it needed a pound of copper to buy a quantity of provisions that before had been obtained for an ounce.
Example #5
I went on with looking and informing myself of the stores with great delight, and having done there, I took boat home again and dined, and after dinner sent for some of my workmen and did scold at them so as I hope my work will be hastened.
Example #6
About three o'clock this morning I waked with the noise of the rayne, having never in my life heard a more violent shower; and then the catt was lockt in the chamber, and kept a great mewing, and leapt upon the bed, which made me I could not sleep a great while.