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He apologizes for the liberties taken by satiric poets in general, and particularly by himself_. The poets Eupolis, and Cratinus, and Aristophanes, and others, who are authors of the ancient comedy, if there was any person deserving to be distinguished for being a rascal or a thief, an adulterer or a cut-throat, or in any shape an infamous fellow, branded him with great freedom.
He with his tales of going to dine with Archidemus, Chaerea, Chaerestratus, Clinia, Chremes, Cratinus, Dinias, Demosthenes-and all the time corrupting his children at a harlot’s, haunting houses of ill fame!
These, as Aristotle states, were called cyrbes, and there is a passage of Cratinus the comedian, By Solon, and by Draco, if you please, Whose Cyrbes make the fires that parch our peas.
If truth there be in old Cratinus' song, No verse, you know, Maecenas, can live long Writ by a water-drinker.

Examples of Cratinu

Example #1
Lucilius entirely depends, having imitated them, changing only their feet and numbers: a man of wit, of great keenness, inelegant in the composition of verse: for in this respect he was faulty; he would often, as a great feat, dictate two hundred verses in an hour, standing in the same position.
Example #2
As he flowed muddily, there was [always] something that one would wish to remove; he was verbose, and too lazy to endure the fatigue of writing-of writing accurately: for, with regard to the quantity [of his works], I make no account of it.
Example #3
This explains his going out to dinner every day!
Example #4
Why not tell your maids to pick him up and take him off home?
Example #5
But some say those are properly cyrbes, which contain laws concerning sacrifices and the rites of religion, and all the other axones.
Example #6
All his laws he established for an hundred years, and wrote them on wooden tables or rollers, named axones, which might be turned round in oblong cases; some of their relics were in my time still to be seen in the Prytaneum, or common hall, at Athens.