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We find even the son of an “irrigator,” one of the poorest and lowest members of the community, copying a portion of the “Epic of the Creation,” and depositing it in the library of Borsippa for the good of his soul.
The Epic of the Creation,” 55 Branding in the sole, 44 Brick-makers, importance of, 137, 138 Burial, method of Babylonian, 10, 62 ff.; place of, 62; cemeteries, 62; rites of, 63; tombs, 64 Canaanitish Women, legal status, 19 Cape of Good Hope, 45 Carchemish, importance of, 156; maneh of, 159 Carpenters, 134 Cemeteries, 62 Chaldea, the origin of, 7 Chariots for army, 178 Circumcision, 47 Clay-tablets, use of, 51 Colonies of Amorites, 187 Concubines, allowed, 25; purchaseable, 26 Cosmetics, wide use of, 105 Cosmological beliefs, 243 Cremation, practised, 62 Cuneiform writing, 49; use of clay, 50, 209; chapters, 52; origin, 209 Custom-house, place of, 111 Customs: manner of building, 90 ff.; furniture, 96 ff.; dress, 99 ff.; the cylinder, 102; beards, 104, 105; cosmetics, 105 Cylinder, worn on arm, 102; designs on, 103; patterns of, 103 Death, belief about, 242 Divorce, among Babylonians, 20-25; position of divorced wives, 28; instances, 196, 197 Doctors.
Hence come the theories of development; the “Vestiges of Creation;” the nebular hypothesis; the Darwinian theory of formation of species by natural selection; the notion of man coming out of an ape; pantheistic notions of a God so immersed in nature as to be not its intelligent guide, but only its unconscious soul; the whole universe proceeding according to an order which is just as much above God’s knowledge as above ours.

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Example #1
Indeed, the contract tablets show that the slaves themselves could often read and write.
Example #2
The absence of a professional class of scribes prevented any one official hand from becoming universal.
Example #3
Dress, many varieties of, 99; priest’s, 101; poor person’s, 101; women’s, 102; seal cylinder, 102 Duty, on sheep, 111; levy of, 113 Ea, the god of Eridu, 3, 260; founder of law, 195; the spirit, 232; the temple of, 236; Semitic influence, 237 Ebers Papyrus on medicine, 163 Eclipses mentioned, 219 Education: a curious procedure, 44; naming, _ibid.
Example #4
State” Artists, position of, 166 Ashtoreth.
Example #5
Now, the best geologists assure us that there is no evidence in support of the transmutation of species.
Example #6
Even creation is repugnant to them, because they see that creation is really a supernatural thing.