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Melting into pathos, exulting in rapture, he praised the splendor of nature; and the words flowed from his lips like a limpid crystal-clear stream as he glorified the eternal order of things, and the incomprehensible wisdom and care of the Creator-the One, who is one alone, and great and without equal.
Also the celestial bodies and the elements proclaim the praise of their Creator-the sun, moon, and stars, the clouds and the winds, lightning and dew.
The state of our little minds, or souls, or whatever it is, is a matter of deep care to the Creator-the Life of the universe.

Examples of Creator-the

Example #1
Like obedient falcons at the call of the falconer, thoughts rushed down into his mind, and the divine passion awakened in his breast glowed and shone through his inspired language that soared every moment on freer and stronger wings.
Example #2
Then taking up the thread of the discourse when it was ended, he began himself to speak.
Example #3
Every plant, furthermore, has a song of praise.
Example #4
Heaven and earth, Paradise and hell, desert and field, rivers and seas-all have their own way of paying homage to God.
Example #5
How we fare and what we do is set before us as a thing about which angels rejoice or mourn.
Example #6
How are we more than minutest points in that picture in his mind, which is the world?