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Definition of Cro

  • acronym for cathode-ray oscilloscope, an electronic device which provides visual images of varying electrical quantities. See oscilloscope.
  • electronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities

How to use cro in a sentence. Cro pronunciation.

Ond dyma'r Ty Croes yn ymyl.
But with me he pushed out to the farthest pinnacle that overhangs the river, and down through the Lonely Heart gorge, and over the pass of the White Horse, and up to the peak of Cro' Nest, and across the rugged summit of Black Rock.
Others think it is a peak just back of Cro' Nest.

Examples of Cro

Example #1
Ieuan ef pan yn hiraethu am ei fam a bore oes.
Example #2
Y mae ei dalcen atom, a'i wyneb gwyngalchog i'r ffordd.
Example #3
At every wider outlook a strange exhilaration seemed to come upon him.
Example #4
With her he would saunter down the Black Brook path, or climb slowly to the first ridge of Storm-King.
Example #5
Other people have heard of it, and imagine that they have found it-five miles east of us-on a lower ridge.
Example #6
There is but one real Spy Rock-here!