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How to use crocheted in a sentence. Crocheted pronunciation.

You had only to look at the crocheted mats-even those on the washstand under the white-and-gold ewer and other utensils.
There were white curtains at this window, tied back with crocheted bands of white cotton.
Then there was a dainty white petticoat, and a set of underwear, all trimmed with a pretty crocheted edge.
Yes, a night-cap, delicately and deftly crocheted in warm, woolen stuff of a rich cardinal color.
There was also a cloak upon one chair, and a crocheted cape tied by the tassels on another.
The parlor was furnished with cane-bottomed chairs, each of which was adorned with a white crocheted tidy.
The mantel over the fireplace had a white crocheted cover; a marble-topped center table held a lamp, a photograph album and several trinkets, each of which was set upon a white crocheted mat.
There was a cottage organ in a corner of the room, and I noted that the lamp-racks upon it were covered with white crocheted mats.
There was a matting on the floor, but a white crocheted carpet would not have been out of keeping.
She looked at the soft pillow at the baby's back, and regarded with admiration the afghan crocheted in gay colors which was spread over its lap, and the spacious gig-top which shielded it from the sun.
The white crocheted tidies on the chair-backs, elaborated with endless patience out of innumerable spools of darning cotton, lent a feminine touch to the furniture, which for an instant distracted Carraway's mental vision from the impending personality of Fletcher himself.
Every possible shape into which lace or muslin or sheeting could be cut or plaited or sewed or twisted, into which crewel or cord could be crocheted or netted or tatted, I make bold to declare was essayed, until things came to such a pass that every odd bit of dry good lying round the house was, in the absence of any positive testimony on the subject, assumed to be one of my nightcaps; an utterly baseless assumption, because my achievements never went so far as concrete capuality, but stopped short in the later stages of abstract idealism.
A cotton tidy over the rocking-chair bewrays, wrought into its crocheted gorgeousness, the name of Uncle Tom.
These beds are conspicuously clean and covered by homemade crocheted spreads.
And you tried so hard not to have them crowded and messed with frightful crocheted wool things.
The reredos has three compartments; the central device is a cross, with rays of glory, and the monogram I.H.S.; on the right and left are doubly pointed, crocheted, arches; the device in the northernmost being a crown of thorns, with the three nails, surrounded by a circle; next to it three interlaced circles; on the south side interlaced triangles, and a plain cross.
As I turned my head I descried my missing ear-ring lying in the threads of a crocheted tidy that had lain under my head.
Mother has calmly crocheted herself through every soul-storm I have ever had, and she is the most dear and irresponsible parent an executive girl would wish to have leave her affairs alone.
I woke up, feeling that the whole world must be camping on the top of my crocheted lace counterpane; but soon I realized that it was only Peter's play.
I bought her five spools of the finest silk thread, ranging in shade from gray to lavender, to begin on a crocheted tie and pair of socks for him.

Examples of Crocheted

Example #1
It was folly to expose such mats to the splashings of a washstand, but it was sublime folly.
Example #2
It could not have been improved upon.
Example #3
The floor was painted a soft grayish brown, and there were strips of rag carpet spread beside the white covered bed, and in front of the mahogany bureau.
Example #4
The little room that opened from Rose's chamber had a broad window which looked toward the harbor.
Example #5
For he held, that by mentioning to-day, he took no account of past time: but, as if he were laying down a beginning, he tried earnestly to make himself day by day fit to appear before God, pure in heart, and ready to obey his will, and no other.
Example #6
Her safety and his promise were the new factor which changed the equation for which Kaid would presently ask the satisfaction.