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How to use crofty in a sentence. Crofty pronunciation.

He'll do it, too, take it from me, Crofty is shore riled up this time.
For this dead man was what was left of Johnny Croft, the Crofty of whom Jim had gossiped not more than half an hour before.
Suicide it could scarcely be, for Crofty was the type of man who would cling to life; besides, his gun was in its holster, and a man would hardly have the strength or the desire to put away his gun after he has shot himself under one eye.
Crofty-why, Crofty was laying in there dead when I was talking about him to you!
It was Carl shot Crofty, all right.

Examples of Crofty

Example #1
Got some work I want to get done yet to-night.
Example #2
Jim believed he was listening, and drove home the point of his story.
Example #3
And the gossip had been of threats which Johnny Croft had made against the two Douglas brothers,-big Aleck, of the Lazy A, and Carl, of the Bar Nothing ranch adjoining.
Example #4
Reason told him that there went the slayer.
Example #5
Death had undoubtedly been immediate.