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How to use crowdero in a sentence. Crowdero pronunciation.

I' the head of all this warlike rabble, 105 CROWDERO march'd, expert and able.
He took the blow upon his arm, To shield the Knight from further harm; And, joining wrath with force, bestow'd 950 On th' wooden member such a load, That down it fell, and with it bore CROWDERO, whom it propp'd before.
That done, they ope the trap-door gate, And let CROWDERO down thereat; CROWDERO making doleful face, Like hermit poor in pensive place.
The scatter'd rout return and rally, Surround the place; the Knight does sally, And is made pris'ner: Then they seize Th' inchanted fort by storm; release Crowdero, and put the Squire in's place; I should have first said Hudibras.
For such, CROWDERO being fast 295 In dungeon shut, we left him last.
In dungeon deep CROWDERO, cast 945 By HUDIBRAS, as yet lay fast; Where, to the hard and ruthless stones, His great heart made perpetual moans: Him she resolv'd that HUDIBRAS Should ransom, and supply his place.
In this proud order and array They put themselves upon their way, Striving to reach th' enchanted castle, Where stout CROWDERO in durance lay still.
And with an iron mace laid flat A breach, which straight all enter'd at, And in the wooden dungeon found CROWDERO laid upon the ground.
On th' wooden member such a load, That down it fell, and with it bore CROWDERO, whom it propp'd before.

Examples of Crowdero

Example #1
RALPHO rode on with no less speed Than Hugo in the forest did; 100 But far more in returning made; For now the foe he had survey'd, Rang'd as to him they did appear, With van, main battle, wings, and rear.
Example #2
Then shook himself, to see that prowess In scabbard of his arms sat loose; And, rais'd upon his desp'rate foot, 95 On stirrup-side he gaz'd about, Portending blood, like blazing star, The beacon of approaching war.
Example #3
And now 'twas rais'd to smite agen, When RALPHO thrust himself between.
Example #4
Made thee (thou whelp of Sin!) to fancy Thyself, and all that coward rabble, T' encounter us in battle able?
Example #5
Though a delinquent false and forged, Yet be'ing a stranger, he's enlarged; 1175 While his comrade, that did no hurt, Is clapp'd up fast in prison for't.
Example #6
On top of this there is a spire, On which Sir Knight first bids the Squire The fiddle and its spoils, the case, In manner of a trophee place.