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But they saw her with different eyes: whereas Father Peter descried in her one that might become a mischief in the parish, he could discover no dangerous beauty in her, merely a crumpled little face that nobody would notice were it not for the eyes and forehead.
She gave him a crumpled letter.
He dropped down in a little crumpled heap at the foot of a tree, and shut his eyes-nothing seemed to matter much, not even his father's anger; nothing but this dreadful gnawing pain.
Captain Zelotes came back from the post-office that morning, a crumpled newspaper in his hand, and upon his face the look which mutinous foremast hands had seen there just before the mutiny ended.
He went out to the barn a few moments later and Rachel, entering the sitting-room, found Olive crumpled down in the big rocker in an agony of grief.
I remember the girlish gesture, The sportive and childlike grace, With which she crumpled and pressed your Rose leaves to her rose-hued face.
Having read this wordy missive, I crumpled it in angry fist and thrust it into my pocket.
I was too crumpled up in my mind to care about football today.
The sealskin lady put in a crumpled note.
There was a white silk fan with delicately carved ivory sticks, a packet of old letters and a folded paper containing some dried and crumpled flowers.
One plane struck the side of a pinnacle and crumpled up, the weight of the engine carried the middle section, and the machine sank down a wrecked mass of canvas and wires upon a narrow plateau between two of the points.
At the top of the stairs I met Jimmy, very crumpled as to shirt-front and dejected as to face.
They found it crumpled up in the jar of ammonia.
The prosecutor, an energetic young man, pulled out of a document- case a crumpled note which had been pressed flat again.
Craig said nothing, but slowly opened a now crumpled envelope, which contained an untoned print of a photograph.
Soon the little birds were big enough to fly, and great was their parents' joy to see them leave the nest and sit crumpled up upon the branches.
How the inhabitants of Lerne, by the commandment of Picrochole their king, assaulted the shepherds of Gargantua unexpectedly and on a sudden. The cake-bakers, being returned to Lerne, went presently, before they did either eat or drink, to the Capitol, and there before their king, called Picrochole, the third of that name, made their complaint, showing their panniers broken, their caps all crumpled, their coats torn, their cakes taken away, but, above all, Marquet most enormously wounded, saying that all that mischief was done by the shepherds and herdsmen of Grangousier, near the broad highway beyond Seville.
Misused C. Crumpled C. Demiss C.
Beneath Mr. Burns's feet, and strewn broadcast about the room, were the crumpled sheets of the afternoon papers.
The latter rose, then staggered, and, half sliding through the woman's sheltering embrace, crumpled limply into a massive upholstered chair.

Examples of Crumpled

Example #1
Father Peter called to her and engaged her in conversation; and he continued to talk to her of indifferent things, no doubt with the view to giving him an opportunity of observing her.
Example #2
The forehead was broad and well shapen and promised an intelligence that the eyes were quick to confirm; round, gray, intelligent eyes, smiling, welcoming eyes.
Example #3
I couldn't tell you yesterday, I really couldn't.
Example #4
He said it wasn't any good.
Example #5
The only other thing he was conscious of was a distant continuous sound like the sawing of wood.
Example #6
As far as he could judge by the sun it was about four o'clock, and he must be a long way from Green Highlands.