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How to use cuore in a sentence. Cuore pronunciation.

Her conduct had been so exemplary that she had been called "La contessa del cuore freddo.
I was introduced and, amid the usual compliments, we took our seats and glided past the _Sacro Cuore_, the _Due Sorelle_, the _Divina Provvidenza_, the _Maria Concetta_, the _Stella Maris_, the _La Pace_, the _Indipendente_, the _Nuova Bambina_ and many more.
Samson listened with great forbearance and, when it was his turn, replied in a speech full of dignity, containing a great deal about gloria and vendetta and the weight of his chains and il cuore di Sansone, and he threatened them over and over again, and struggled and shook himself and made great efforts to get free, so that the soldiers shrank back.
Molti han giustizia in cuore, e tardi scocca per non venir sanza consiglio a l'arco; ma il popol tuo l'ha in sommo de la bocca.

Examples of Cuore

Example #1
She had been sincerely admired in Rome, not only on account of her beauty, but of her wit, goodness, and above all of her admirable behavior toward her repulsive old husband.
Example #2
He had known her in Italy as the wife of a wealthy old nobleman to whom her parents had sacrificed her before she was eighteen.
Example #3
Peppino called my attention to the names of the ships and said how commonplace and dull they were after the romantic names he had seen on the beach at Brighton.
Example #4
Peppino returned, stood on the quay and shouted to the ships; presently a small boat containing Vanni and a sailor detached herself from the confusion and rowed to our feet.
Example #5
Suddenly he broke his chains, and the soldiers all ran away and Samson after them, leaving the paladin alone.
Example #6
A soldier soon returned and announced that Samson was committing deeds of violence behind.