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How to use curtaine in a sentence. Curtaine pronunciation.

The fringed Curtaines of thine eye aduance, And say what thou see'st yond Mira.
Upon the Curtaine of Lucasta's Picture, it was thus Wrought 53 Lucasta's World.
Whilst gentle slumber now beginnes To draw the curtaines of her eye; When straight awakend with a crie And bitter groan, again reposes, Again a deep sigh interposes.
I kissed the bride in bed, and so the curtaines drawne with the greatest gravity that could be, and so good night.

Examples of Curtaine

Example #1
This is no mortall busines, nor no sound That the earth owes: I heare it now aboue me Pro.
Example #2
Beleeue me sir, It carries a braue forme.
Example #3
Epode 53 The Apostacy of One, and but One Lady 54 Amyntor from beyond the Sea to Alexis.
Example #4
A Dialogue 56 Calling Lucasta from her Retirement 58 Amarantha, a Pastoral 60 II.
Example #5
Here she her deeper senses blest; Admires great Nature in this pile, Floor'd with greene-velvet Camomile, Garnisht with gems of unset fruit, Supply'd still with a self recruit; Her bosom wrought with pretty eyes Of never-planted Strawberries; Where th' winged musick of the ayre Do richly feast, and for their fare, Each evening in a silent shade, Bestow a gratefull serenade.
Example #6
The whole nobility: the Pine, Strait Ash, tall Firre, and wanton Vine; The proper Cedar, and the rest.