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Our cuttings and canals in the Dalir Giraffe might have closed up; or they might have improved: of this we were ignorant.
Thorgils' mother was Thorgerd the daughter of Alf of Dalir.
Thorodd then went to Dalir.

Examples of Dalir

Example #1
I had sent off my letters to England, also those to the Khedive, complaining of the conspiracy of the officers, and inclosing the documents.
Example #2
In the dreadful state of the river we could not speculate upon the arrival of reinforcements from Khartoum.
Example #3
Alf had another daughter named Thorelf, who was the mother of Thorgeir the son of Havar.
Example #4
There dwelt at Reykjaholar a man named Thorgils, the son of Ari, the son of Mar, the son of Atli the Red, the son of Ulf Squint-Eye, the first settler at Reykjanes.
Example #5
There dwelt at Breidabolstad in Sokkolfsdal a certain widow named Geirlaug; she kept as her shepherd a grown-up youth who had been outlawed for wounding some one.
Example #6
It is not clearly stated what they had done to displease him except that they had refused to undertake some important work which he had given them to do; what is known is that Snorri turned off his son Thorodd and told him not to come back until he had slain some forest-man, and so it remained.