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How to use dance-song in a sentence. Dance-song pronunciation.

They sang in unison a merry dance-song, and beat a lively tattoo on the drum.
He hummed an old dance-song and beat gently on the edge of the pot with his buffalo-horn spoon.
Humming a dance-song, one from his bundle of mystery songs, Iktomi hopped and darted about at an imaginary dance and feast.

Examples of Dance-song

Example #1
Following a winding footpath near by, came a bent figure of a Dakota brave.
Example #2
Within the ring, around a small drum, sat the chosen singers, nodding their heads and blinking their eyes.
Example #3
The muskrat began to feel awkward before such lack of hospitality and wished himself under water.
Example #4
That was the custom of the plains people.
Example #5
He gathered dry willow sticks and broke them in two against his knee.
Example #6
He wondered what Iktomi would do, thus he lay still where he fell.