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Let us hope that this sublime unity may be completed by the erection of an episcopal palace of the Gothic order; which shall replace the formless buildings now standing between the "Terrain," the rue d'Arcole, the cathedral, and the quai de la Cite.
Every part of the river-shore from the Pont d'Arcole to the Pont Louis-Philippe was then as nature had made it, excepting the paved way which was at the top of the bank.
Lui avait conquis ses grades, avec Joubert, Masséna, Desaix, en Italie, d'Arcole à Marengo.

Examples of Darcole

Example #1
This spot, the heart of ancient Paris, is the loneliest and most melancholy of regions.
Example #2
When we contemplate from that quay so many commemorating scenes, when the soul has grasped the past as it does the present of this city of Paris, then indeed Religion seems to have alighted there as if to spread her hands above the sorrows of both banks and extend her arms from the faubourg Saint-Antoine to the faubourg Saint-Marceau.
Example #3
When the river was in flood a boat could pass close under the houses and at the end of the streets running down to the river.
Example #4
Till 1830 the name of La Greve (the Strand) had a meaning that is now lost.
Example #5
Malgré cette magnificence, il sourit affablement de la mésaventure politique qui navrait le capitaine et promit de le faire réinscrire sur les contrôles de l'armée.
Example #6
La tête massive s'appuyait aux broderies métalliques du haut col éraflant les bajoues.