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How to use date in a sentence. Date pronunciation.

They saw only the yellow sand, the ever-receding oasis, the brackish, undrinkable water, the withered and fruitless date- tree, handfuls of dourha for their food by day, and the keen, sharp night to chill their half-dead bodies in a half-waking sleep.
We must add the following, distilled from the English Newspapers, though it is now almost four months after date:- "LONDON, 1st APRIL, 1738.
He had only one date-1846.

Examples of Date

Example #1
And then the savage struggle for life-with all the gain to the pashas and the beys, and those who ruled over them; while their own wounds grew foul, and, in the torturing noon-day heat of the white waste, Death reached out and dragged them from the drooping lines to die.
Example #2
No vision of loot or luxury allured these.
Example #3
Example #4
Friedrich Wilhelm is amazed at these sudden cantings of Fortune's wheel, and grieves honestly as for an old friend: even the Crown-Prince finds Seckendorf punished unjustly; and is almost, sorry for him, after all that has come and gone.
Example #5
His cup had been filled then.
Example #6
Darius had known England before and after the repeal of the Corn Laws, and the difference between the two Englands was so strikingly dramatic to him that he desired no further change.