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How to use dates in a sentence. Dates pronunciation.

Occupations and accomplishments, with dates- 7.
You have to recollect, then, thus far, only three cardinal dates:- 449.
There are also other dates-1627, 1633, 1635, 1626; and right across the fresco there is written in red chalk, in a bold sixteenth or seventeenth century handwriting - "Il parlar di li homini da bene deve valer piu che quello degli altri.
I must have saffron to colour the warden pies; mace; dates- none, that's out of my note; nutmegs, seven; race or two of ginger, but that I may beg; four pound of prunes, and as many of raisins o' th' sun.

Examples of Dates

Example #1
Special skills and interests- 8.
Example #2
Community and religious activities- 9.
Example #3
That marriage is always passed in a casual sentence, as if a merely political one, and while page after page is spent in following the alternations of furious crime and fatal chance, in the contests between Fredegonde and Brunehaut, no historian ever considers whether the great Ostrogoth who wore in the battle of Verona the dress which his mother had woven for him, was likely to have chosen a wife without love!-or how far the perfectness, justice, and temperate wisdom of every ordinance of his reign was owing to the sympathy and counsel of his Frankish queen.
Example #4
Theodoric fought the battle of Verona, and founded the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy twelve years later, in 493, and thereupon married the sister of Clovis.
Example #5
One date was scratched in the left-hand corner - 1498 . . .
Example #6
On the St. Christopher we found one date, 1530, scratched on the right ankle, and several of 1607, apparently done at one time.