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How to use days-three in a sentence. Days-three pronunciation.

The carpenter had suggested three or four days,-three had already passed.
Two days-three days passed away-and I still remained at the house of my hospitable entertainer: my bruised limb rapidly recovering the power of performing its functions.
We procured a private conveyance and made the journey in three days-three days of extreme heat, which compelled us to travel slowly.

Examples of Days-three

Example #1
What if it should, indeed, be finished!
Example #2
As we approached, a dim and doubtful but wondrous pleasant anticipation took possession of our fancy.
Example #3
I passed my time agreeably enough, sometimes in my chamber, communing with my own thoughts; sometimes in the stable, attending to, and not unfrequently conversing with, my horse; and at mealtime-for I seldom saw him at any other-discoursing with the old gentleman, sometimes on the Chinese vocabulary, sometimes on Chinese syntax, and once or twice on English horseflesh; though on this latter subject, notwithstanding his descent from a race of horse traders, he did not enter with much alacrity.
Example #4
As a small requital for his kindness, I gave him one day, after dinner, unasked, a brief account of my history and pursuits.
Example #5
The quails, which had repaired for shade to the fences by the side of the road, ran from them into the open fields, as we passed, with their beaks open, as if panting with the excessive heat.
Example #6
I had no fancy for another plunge into the Illinois canal, nor for being overturned upon the prairies in one of those vehicles which seem to be set high in the air in order they may more easily lose their balance.