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How to use dead-for in a sentence. Dead-for pronunciation.

Hanged by the neck until he's dead-for what I did.
Ma Briskow resembled nothing so much as one of those hideous "crayon enlargements" he had seen in farmhouses-atrocities of an art long dead-for she was clad in an old-fashioned basque and skirt of some stiff, near-silk material, and her waist, which buttoned far down the front and terminated in deep points, served merely to roof over but not to conceal a peculiarity of figure which her farm dress had mercifully hidden.
Little doubt had we they were dead-for why should their enemies spare them?

Examples of Dead-for

Example #1
Now go and make yourself beautiful.
Example #2
Keith's world-all righteous will-power and success.
Example #3
Gray discovered that Ma's body, alas! bore a quaint resemblance in outline to a gourd.
Example #4
Dismay smote him, however, at first sight of the new arrivals.
Example #5
And never should we have recovered trace of them but for the Father Domenico, who knew what had become of them (having learnt it, no doubt, among the sisters' confessions, to receive which he visited the convent) and that they were alive and unharmed; but he kept the secret, for his oath's sake, or else waiting for the time to ripen.
Example #6
Or he may never have known that they existed.