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How to use dear-the in a sentence. Dear-the pronunciation.

But the spider, my dear,-the spider who wove the web in the first instance,-is the Princess Ziska, and she is NOT in love!
How-if I may ask?" "By my weaving, dear-the towels and the belts-I sold 'em.
Cheer up, dear-the baby keeps well-that's the main thing.

Examples of Dear-the

Example #1
It is a whole network of mischief, and I am the unhappy fly that has unconsciously fallen into the very middle of it.
Example #2
She is the other one.
Example #3
It is not a "confession;" not the overflow of a self-conscious soul like Marie Barklirtseff's outpourings; it is a story; an account of what happened to the man, and how he grew.
Example #4
It talks, it laughs, it lives,-and it reveals.
Example #5
He sat on the rose-bowered porch and smoked while she cleared the table.
Example #6
I can't seem to get anybody on any terms, so far.